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Photography is more then medium for factual communication of ideas

Mr. Raj Sehta is the founder of Amit Films . Mr Raj Sehta owner of Amit Films is serving Lucknow- The city of nawabs, through his splendid photography when all the photography skills were unknown to the residents of the city. He always had a great intrest in photography and doing something creative, that lead him to start it as a profession when this business was untouched by anyone in the city.His vision of wedding photography at that time has inspired a number of people to join photography as a business. Mr. Raj Sehta has spread the real awareness of traditional and professional photography to the citizens of the city through the videos and photographs he has shot.

Because we take your heart feelings and memories by our own heart. So we try to work the best of our capabilities in photography and videography. We always go for the latest & advance technology since years, because There's a saying " It's always one pioneer, Others follow." From time to time Amit films has upgraded with the latest technology and equipments under the ideology and vision of Mr Raj Sehta and now followed by his son Amit and Mayank.

Amit Films is an organization which deals in offering expert photography services for various occasions with full perfection. We pride our self in precision and perfection. Amit Films is a complete studio located in the heart of the city. We are the only studio which has been the pioneers in latest photography techniques and technology in this region since years and always have given the latest and the best services to our client with full satisfaction.

Our job is to produce the job on time, as per the target and within the customer budget. Our customized session is combined with multiple poses to choose from an instant viewing of video proofs and the ability to deliver our client professional portraits that will be treasured for generation.

About the Director

Mayank is our Creative Director and Lead photographers. He is one of those rare and gifted artists, whose sole passion and profession is photography. For him the world is a canvas and camera is his brush through which he paints true emotions, personality and intensity in each of his subjects. To enhance this skill and master the art precisely he has taken formal training in art and photography, he has a rich experience of capturing the heart melting moments of numerous couples.

Mayank operates independently in Lucknow and this freedom allows him to travels wherever his passion leads him or whenever he is called. He also pursues an active interest in commercial and travel photography.

Mayank has a keen eyes and an uncanny knack of capturing magical moments and frames that brought a smile on your face or even a tear to your eye. This is what he delivers. This is his forte. He captures the moments in his lens and makes them alive with you forever.


All the pictures that i saw...i found two things ... (1). you enjoy your work a lot and that reflects in your pictures...full of happiness and optimism. (2). you are too good in catching smiles... rather excellent lovely pics Amit films. !!!

Amogh Agnihotri

Photographer in Lucknow

Awesome photography!!!! Mayank Sehta is a creative photographer. Thanks for giving us everlasting memories through your pictures

Aarti Vaid

The work is fantastic...all pictures clicked were beautiful.... We had a fun time getting clicked.....random moments were beautifully captured.... Thanks Amit Films for making it a memorable one

Sakshi Ankur Singh

Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

Great photography skills! Comparable to North American photographers. Happy to know Lucknow has some talented photographers!

Vineeta Rajani

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