Photography is more then medium for factual communication of ideas


Cinematic Videos

If you are getting married and looking for a classy video but don’t know how to get, the videos of your wedding. We at Amit films can get you something different for your wedding. A cinematic video of a wedding is a story telling film with a theme. The film is shot in a very different style by trained and skilled cinematographer. The storyteller tells your story through candid videos or the mix of speeches, images, and music. The film is shot very differently where the Cinematographer will more than likely shoot in short clips. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shooting to tell a story, not just document every single minute of your wedding day.

Candid Photography

Candid photography can be done for many events like wedding, engagement and parties. Through countless candid wedding photography assignments that my clients have trusted me with over the past several years, I have grown tremendously as a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers are privileged to be a part of a culture, which in spite of its diversity; it is still worth remembering and cherishing forever. This opportunity to constantly learn from others and to reinvent one makes candid photography a perfect field for photographers, who think of photography more as their art rather than profession.

Pre-wedding Photography

Pre wedding shoot is a session where you book with your photographer a couple of months before the wedding. You can make your pre-wedding completely different as you wish. You can have few clicks at certain spot where you often spend time. The Pre Wedding photo shoot is a perfect chance to know each other, we make every couple to feel completely relaxed in front of the camera. Lovely photos can be framed only when couple have fun and being involved with one other in a natural way. The couple who are about to get married with her dream girl and want to save all those memories spent before marriage will be captured and stored. Pre-Wedding is a part of wedding photography package that we offer to the couples at a competitive price

Traditional Still Photography

A Traditional photography involves sitting down pictures of the people. They are aware that somebody is clicking their picture. This kind of photography is more formal in its approach. Traditional photography allows the photographer to create the perfect space to take a picture where everyone is giving their best pose. It also means that people can dress up as they wish and give a pose which suits them more. In traditional photography, if the photo is of the newlywed couple, then they will be visible clearly. Also, they will be at the centre of the picture. This is different from candid photography. There the photographer can decide a unique angle for capturing the couple. He may focus on a scene through a new position. And he can use the light to give a fresh look to the picture. Hence it is more creative.

Photobook & Magazine

We give you the shocking and stunning designer album to show your extraordinary snapshots of your enormous day. Marriage photos catch the full one of kind feelings. The photograph collection will be the manner in which you return to a portion of the best snapshots of your big day. We give custom wedding collection configuration, picture to post handling administrations, and picture correcting administrations. Our standard design service and color modification contains boundless alteration.

We keep memories in many places in our minds, in our hearts, in prints, in books, and even in digital form. In particular, we love to relive happy memories again and again.

Kids Photography

"Amit Films" is a group of characteristic light proficient photographers who have some expertise in the compelling artwork of new conceived, child and maternity likeness. We comprehend that every kid is extraordinary and consequently utilize a ton of tolerance, politeness, and innovativeness in catching the various strokes of your dear baby. Our point is to catch your kid before it develops into adulthood in memorabilia! We need you to have the option to go down the world of fond memories and not simply be helped to remember your dear baby, however nearly hear it chuckle. This craving enlivened us to seek after this class of photography that we as a whole love.

Maternity Photography

Motherhood is without a doubt one of the most delightful inclination/feeling on the planet. Amit Films commends the soul of parenthood and womanhood with exceptional bundles for maternity photograph shoot by our maternity photographers. Amit Films with its experience of numerous maternity shoots and the ability of its expertly prepared photographer's guarantees that you get delightful and vital maternity shoot pictures. There are various thoughts and subjects on which you can base your maternity shoot. We have a few Maternity Photo Shoot Packages for you to choose from. You need not stress over props and maternity shoot dresses as the photographer from Amit Films will help and guide you for the equivalent.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography means taking photos for commercial use. And by commercial we mean for business, for sales, for money. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising. Commercial photography is also used in business cards, corporate brochures as well as leaflets, menus, advertorials and press photos (those that you insert when sending out press releases or media blasts). There are various types of commercial photography, actually. And this is what we will discuss further in this article so do read on.

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